Is Juicing Healthy

Is Juicing Really Healthy?

Juicing is touted by many people as being one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, but is it really healthy?

The simple answer to this question is YES, if done correctly juicing can be extremely healthy. Think about it, what do virtually every health professional and nutritionists tell us to do? Eat more fruits and vegetables.

With the crazy, rat-race world we live in these days it can be difficult to eat our daily dose of fruits and vegetables. Juicing and drinking raw, fresh juice is an easy way to make sure you get enough fruits and vegetables each day and in a delicious way.

When it comes to getting all of the health benefits that juicing has to offer, it is best to make your own fresh juice using a quality juicing machine, preferably a cold press juicer. Many of the store bought juices use more fruits than vegetables in their juice to make them more sweet and therefor more appealing.

Is Juicing Healthy

Fruits of course contain a lot of sugars and because the fiber is removed when juicing, the sugars will hit you all at once. When fiber is still in the juice, such as when making a smoothie, the fiber will slow down your bodies absorption of the sugars in the juice. This doesn’t mean you should load up on fruits when making a smoothie, it just means your body can deal with the sugars more effectively.

Additionally, the cost of the store bought juices can be very expensive, especially if you are planning on doing a complete juicing cleanse, juice detox or plan on drinking juice on a daily basis. Although the cost of a juicer can be quite expensive, owning one and making your own fresh juice will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Juicing versus Blending

Many folks don’t have the time to juice or want to spend money on an expensive juicer and instead opt for making smoothies. Making a smoothie only requires a good blender which is much cheaper than a good juicer and the time needed to make a smoothie is much less than what it takes to make juice with a juicer.

However, when juicing you are removing the pulp from the juice which means you are removing the fiber. On one hand our bodies need fiber, on the other the lack of fiber in the juice means our bodies are able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients from the juice more quickly and completely.

When you use a blender to make a smoothie all the fiber is retained, again this is not a bad thing. Our bodies need fiber. In fact this is why many people suggest that you should switch between juicing and making smoothies.

Smoothies vs Juicing

Juicing Claims

Although there is no real scientific evidence to back up the claims that juicing has helped people beat many different diseases such as cancer or diabetes, there are plenty of people who claim just that. I find it hard to believe that many of the health benefits of juicing that people claim are not true just because proper scientific studies have not been done to prove the benefits. This of course is why most health professionals tend to disagree with the many health claims that come from juicing.

There is just simply to much anecdotal evidence to show that juicing can have some amazing effects on the body.

Although I freely admit I am not a nutritionist or health care professional in any way, shape or form, I do know the effects that juicing has had on myself and many of my friends, some of which have beaten cancer with juicing.

Picking a Juicer

There are two main types of juicers you will find readily available, centrifugal juicers and cold press or masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers tend to be less expensive, easier to use and quicker at producing juice then masticating juicers.

Cold press juicers on the other hand can often process other foods such as pasta, nut butters and baby foods. They also produce a higher quality juice as well as a higher quantity of juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables.

If you are more interested in making smoothies then all you need is a simple blender. There are plenty of fancy machines out there for making smoothies but don’t let the advertising fool you, all you need is an inexpensive blender.

Best Cold Press Juicers for Leafy Greens

What is the Best Juicer to Own

If you want the highest quality juice and juice that will be able to be stored for a day or two then you really want to choose a cold press, masticating juicer. Not only will the juice from a masticating juicer be of higher quality but as already mentioned, you will be able to get more juice from the same amount of produce when compared to using a centrifugal juicer.

Additionally, you will be able to store the juice you make with a cold press juicer for a longer period of time. This means you will save time when it comes to making your fresh juice. With a centrifugal juicer you can only store your juice for about 24 hours meaning you will need to get out your juicer and go through the whole process daily.

With a masticating slow juicer you can often store your juice up to 72 hours. This means you could get away with juicing every 3rd day. The time this would save you is well worth the more expensive price tag of a cold press juicer.

Please note, although you can store the juice made with a cold press juicer for a longer period of time, it is best to drink your juice, no matter which type of juicer was used to make it, right away and try not to store it for more than a few hours. You are going to get more of the nutrients and vitamins from your juice if you drink it immediately.

Best Cold Press Juicer 2016

Choosing a Cold Press Juicer

There are many different makes and models of cold press juicers for sale today and some are better than others. You can find cheap juicers for less than $100 but these juicers are typically going to be made from cheap plastic. You really want a juicer that uses as many stainless steel parts as possible, especially parts that will come in contact with the produce you are juicing.

Another consideration is how well the juicer juices the produce you plan on juicing. Leafy greens are often a problem for juicers and although most cold press juicer will be able to handle leafy greens with no problems, a cheap cold press juicer may not do the job so well.

Before purchasing a juicer we advise that you really take a look at what your juicing goals are and how you plan to use your juicer. Once you have a good understanding of what you need you can then begin to read some juicer reviews to find the best juicer to fit your individual needs.


Read the juicer reviews we have provided to see if one might be right for you



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