Health Advantages of Juicing

The Benefits of Juicing

You can obtain many health benefits from implementing and sticking to a good juicing plan. Aside from knocking off those extra pounds of weight you have put on, juicing will also energize you and put you on a path of optimal health.

Health Benefits of Juicing - Cold Press Juicer

Advantages of Juicing

Listed here are further benefits of juicing.

1. Body Detoxification

Drinking fresh juices, especially those made from a cold press juicer, can help with detoxifying the body. Years of eating unhealthy processed foods and ingesting harmful toxins can severally weaken your body’s digestion system .

Given that most do-it-yourself juices are made from various vegetables and fruits that have many nutrients which can fight toxins and chemicals that get into your body without your knowledge. Besides juicing aiding in detoxification, it also helps you consume the exact amount of vegetables and fiber.

2. Promote Weight Loss

Juicing can be useful for reducing excess weight. Homemade juices are usually low on calories and contain no fat. A high intake of calories and fats brings about excess weight gain as time passes.

For those of you who are currently on some type of weight loss program, juicing, as a part of your diet can effectively enable you to shed off excess weight. The juice you get from juicing can help to keep your stomach full, therefore, helping you to regulate your eating habits and eat less.

Health Benefits of Juicing - Green Juice

3. Provide Extra Energy

Drinking 6 to 8 servings of vegetable or fruit juice everyday can actually provide you with more energy . Vegetable and fruit juices possess a lot of nutrients which help in strengthening the body’s resistance and giving it extra energy.

4. Optimal Digestion

Juicing will help your digestive system get the most from the fiber and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Because our bodies have been ruined by chemicals, our intake and digestion of nutrients is less than optimal. Juicing can help correct this anomaly. This also helps in countering the effects of chemicals and toxins which enter into our bodies without our knowledge.

5. Other Benefits

Aside from the above four advantages  you will find that juicing can be a great way to get your children to get the nutrients they need from vegetables. We all know how kids can be when it comes to eating their vegetables. Additionally, juicing gives you a god diversity of nutrients.

You may be used to consuming the same kinds of foods on a daily basis. This can lead to you being more likely to suffer from nutrient deficiency. However if you make juicing a part of your life, you will consume numerous nutrients. Some say that that juicing can lead to a lower risk of getting cancer and that it also works well to boost your immune system.

Risks and Benefits of Juicing - Slow Juicer

More Facts about Juicing

The Cons

It’s possible that juicing is not healthier as compared to eating whole vegetables and fruits. Juicing entails extracting juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. The resulting juices have a lot of minerals, vitamins and plant chemicals (phytonutrients) present in fresh vegetable and fruits, but, fresh fruit and veggies contain healthier fibers which are lost after juices are extracted from them.

Calorie Count

You should consider the amount of sugars and calories in any kind of food, even healthy juices. For instance it is estimated that a medium piece of fruit contains roughly 60 calories. Similarly, one cup of vegetables has about 25 calories.

If you eat 4 fruits daily, these calories can add up quickly. Remember that vegetable juice is going to have fewer calories then fruit juices, take this into consideration when juicing.

If you wish to balance fruit or vegetable juice with proteins, the top sources consist of peanut butter, Greek yogurt, almond milk and flax seed.

Food Safety

Listed here are some food safety guidelines that you need to be keen on following while juicing.

Always clean your hands prior to touching fruit and veggies.

Thoroughly clean your fruits and vegetables before you begin juicing.

Keep your blender or juicer clean, always clean it using hot and soapy water. Before you store the blender or juicer, dry all its parts completely, this will help stop bacterial growth.

If your blender is dishwasher safe, make use of the dishwasher’s sanitize cycle.

You must never keep your vegetable or fruit juice for more than 72 hours and only this long if using a high quality cold press juicer. If using a centrifugal juicer or blender you will only be able to store your juice for 48 hours at the maximum.

Juicing to Fight Cancer

Health Claims

You can read vast unsubstantiated claims about fruit and vegetable juice from the web. As an example, fruit and vegetable fans insist that juicing fresh green juice has the ability to reduce your risk of getting cancer. Although there may be some truth to these claims you will have trouble finding any scientific evidence that will support the claim.

Though some scientific findings have established that juicing does help to improve the body’s immune system, improvements can also be gained from other plant-based products besides juices.

There are lovers of juicing who further insist that juicing is much much better for you when compared to eating whole vegetables and fruits. This is because the body can absorb the nutrients in juices much easier and more efficiently than nutrients from whole fruits and vegetables. Because juice has less fiber, juicing allows your system to get the nutrients it needs with out having to work as hard digesting the foods.

On the other hand those who are critical of juicing maintain that juicing can remove many of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Additionally, some fruit and vegetable juices contain fiber. Even this small amount of fiber can impede the process of nutrient absorption.

You will always want to avoid harmful food interactions, speak to your doctor first before you begin implementing a particular juicing program. For instance, vitamin K is present in some fruits and vegetables in high concentrations. This could be a problem because to much vitamin K can actually change the body’s blood- clotting process.



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  • Landon Amparan says:

    Juice fasting has grown in popularity in recent years. The health benefits are tremendous: simple way to consume a high amount of nutrition without a high amount of calories, provides a boost to energy and to the immune system and strengthens bones and skin.

  • Devon Rath says:

    Even though homemade juices offer several benefits, consuming these juices exclusively to lose weight can have negative consequences. Juices lack some essential nutrients like healthy fats and proteins

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