Hurom Cold Press Juicer Reviews

Hurom Masticating Slow Juicer Reviews

Most juicing experts will agree that when it comes to juicing, using a cold press masticating juicer, such as a Hurom cold press juicer, to juice your fresh fruits and vegetables will allow you to make a healthier and longer lasting juice.

Masticating juicers offer several other benefits when compared to using a centrifugal juicer and Hurom slow press juicers are some of the best juicers you can find today. However, before we get into the Hurom cold press juicer reviews let me first talk about some of the advantages as well as some of the downsides to using a cold press juicer versus a centrifugal juicer.

Why Choose a Cold Pressed Juice Machine

The two main types of home juicing machines are centrifugal juicers and cold press juicers. You may also know the terms masticating juicer, slow juicer, twin gear juicer or triturating juicer, these all fall under the category of a cold press juicer.

Hurom Masticating Slow Juicer Review

Cold press masticating juicers differ from centrifugal juicers in several ways, however the biggest and most important difference is the actual method of separating the juice from the flesh of the fruits and vegetables that that juice. Cold pressed juice machines use a slow speed auger to juice your fruits and veggies while a centrifugal juicer uses a blade spinning at high speeds to do the same job.

Hurom Cold Press Juicers Vs. Centrifugal Juicers

Why does the method of juicing, high speed versus low speed, matter so much? The high speeds used by centrifugal juicers not only creates heat but introduces oxygen into the juice. This leads to oxidation which causes the nutrients, minerals and vitamins to break down quicker. Additionally it makes the juice itself break down quicker.

This means the juice you get from a centrifugal juicer is of lower nutritional quality and can not be stored for very long (all fresh juices should be drank immediately if possible). This does not mean that the juice from a centrifugal juicer is not still healthy for you, just not as healthy as the juice from a cold pressed juicer.

Another difference between slow juicers and centrifugal juicers that is well worth mentioning is the amount of juice the two types of juicers are able to make from the same amount of produce. Generally a slow masticating juicer is going to produce a higher quantity of juice when using the same amount of produce. If you plan on juicing daily then this will save you a significant amount of money over the long run.

There are many other differences between masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers, some more important than others. Here are the more common pros and cons of cold press juicers.

Hurom Cold Press Juicer Review

Cold Press Juicers: Pros and Cons



Hurom Cold Press Juicer Reviews

Now on to the Hurom slow juicer reviews.

Hurom as been a well known name in the juice machine industry for over 40 years and has sold over a million juicers in over 70 countries. It is this level of juice machine experience that makes Hurom cold press juicers some of the best juicers you will find being sold today.

Why Are Hurom Slow Juicers Top Quality

First of all all Hurom juicers use a patented “Slow Squeeze Technology”, which like other cold press juicers, uses an auger to separate the juice from the flesh of the fruits and veggies you are juicing. This produces a healthier, better tasting and longer lasting juice. In fact the juice you make with a Hurom slow juicer can be stored up to 72 hours.

Many cold pressed juice machines can be a little difficult to use, this is in part due to the fact that many of these juicers can be used to process other foods such as nut butters, pasta and rice cakes. This typically makes the machines a little more complicated to both use and clean.

On the other hand, Hurom slow juicers, for the most part, are made to do nothing but make juice (some models can make ice cream, baby foods and tofu). This has allowed Hurom to come up with a design that is both efficient and easy to use and clean.

Hurom Cold Press Masticating Juicer


The Hurom HU-100 slow juicer is one of Hurom’s most popular cold pressed juice machines. The HU-100 can produce up to 35% more juice than traditional high speed centrifugal juicers. Additionally the HU-100 can make foods such as sauces, marinades and baby foods.

One of the less important but very nice features of cold press juicers are the quite operation they offer. The Hurom HU-100 slow juicer is no exception when it comes to noise, thanks to its slow 80 RPM operation speed this juicer is virtually whisper quiet.

Another great feature about the Hurom HU-100 masticating slow juicer is its self-feeding auger system. Many cold pressed juicers need to be continuously fed the fruits and veggies you are juicing which can lead to longer juicing times. The HU-100 has a self-feeding system that allow you to fill the chute with your produce and leave the machine to do its job while you continue to cut and chop your produce for use.

We also love the fact that the Hurom HU-100 masticating slow juicer comes with a 10 year warranty, this shows how much Hurom believes in their product.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer



Hurom Slow Press JuicerHurom Fresh Press Juicer Single Auger Masticating Juicer (JP Series)

This Hurom masticating slow juicer could be looked at as the little brother to the Hurom HU-100 cold pressed juice machine. In fact the only real difference between the two juicers is that the HU-100 has a screen that is 8 times stronger than the screen that the Hurom Fresh Press masticating juicer has.

It has the same patented “Slow Squeeze” technology, the same slow 80 RPM operating speed and the same 10 year warranty. It also makes 35% more juice than leading centrifugal juicers and is easy to clean. It should be noted that the HU-100 is a little more compact as well, although not by much.

The best feature of the Hurom Fresh Press cold press juicer is the price and is why we are reviewing this model. You can pick up the Fresh Press for a couple hundred dollars less than the HU-100. Although the Fresh Press screen not being as durable as the screen that comes with the HU-100 is a downside, this is a great starter model at a great price.

In fact we don’t think you will find a cheap juicer (by cheap we mean price not quality) that does as good a job as the Hurom Fresh Press juicer.

Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Single Auger Masticating Juicer




Do You Lose Nutrients When Juicing - Is Juicing Healthy

All Hurom cold press juicers come with the patented “Slow Squeeze” technology and are all relatively the same. There are some minor differences such as the screens, the warranty offered and the additional foods that can be made. Some models can make butters, sauces, baby foods and other similar types of food while some can be used to make smoothies by adding in a little of the pulp creating from the juicing process.

No matter which model of Hurom slow masticating juicer meets your needs best, you will be sure you are buying a quality juicer that is going to produce the healthiest juice possible



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