Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Vertical Cold Press Juicer Review

Product Name:Omega VRT350 Vertical Low Speed Juicer
Type:Single Auger Cold Press Juicer
Easy Clean Up:Yes
Warranty :10 Year
Free Shipping:Yes
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Omega VRT350 Vertical Cold Press Juicer Review

Most every expert agrees that a cold press juicer is the best juicer to own. The slow masticating action of the screw auger creates little to no heat resulting in a much healthier juice that can be stored for much longer then juice from centrifugal juicers or blenders.

If you want a heavy duty power house of a juicer then the Omega VRT350 Vertical Slow Speed Juicer is a great choice. The VRT350 is one of Omega’s best selling juicers and for good reason. With it’s low 80Rpm operating speed, reverse setting, large feeding tube and vertical styling, this cold press juicer makes juicing something enjoyable not difficult or tedious.

Omega VRT350 Cold Press Juicer

Key Features of the Omega VRT350 Cold Press Juicer

  • Compact, vertical design saves space
  • Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Large feeding tube makes juicing quicker
  • Auto cleaning features makes clean up quick and easy
  • High yield and high quality juice every time

What Makes the Omega VRT350 Different

How is this juicer different than other Omega masticating juicers?

Omega is known for making high quality cold press juicers and the VRT350 is no exception. What makes the Omega VRT350 different from other well known Omega juicers is that this is an upright, vertical model. This is what really makes this model stand out, you get the same high quality manufacturing that goes into other well known Omega cold pressed juicers in a convenient space saving design.

Omega VRT350 Masticating Juicer

Omega VRT350 Masticating Juicer Features:

Low speed 80Rpm operation that squeezes the fruits and vegetables instead of grinding or cutting them. This allows for the juice to retain the pure color, vitamins, nutrients and natural taste of the juice.

Compact vertical design will take up less space in your kitchen and can be stored away easier.

The VRT350 is a dual stage juicer which means it first extracts the juice by crushing the fruit and vegetables, next the pulp is ejected and squeezed. This results in a higher yield and extremely dry pulp.

Although this is a high priced unit it is actually very economical, due to the high efficiency of the VRT350 you will get more nutrient rich juice from the produce you use which will save you money, especially if you juice a lot.

Large feeding tube which means you can feed larger pieces of fruit and vegetables saving you time with prep work.

You will be able to store the juice from the VRT350 for up to 72 hours without degradation or juice separation. Due to the low speed of this juicer, little froth or foam is creating meaning there is little oxidation. This will help cut down the amount of time you need to spend juicing each week.

This cold press juicer has a reverse setting which can be used to unclog the juicer which makes for a continuous juicing system that doesn’t need to be shut down every time it is clogged.

The Omega VRT350 cold press juicer has an over sized spout that makes filling your container extremely easy.

The Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Vertical Cold Press Juicer truly is a high quality juicer with lots of wonderful features. If you are looking for a new juicer and are either experienced at juicing or plan on juicing on a regular basis then this would make a great juicer for your kitchen.



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